11/26/2020 | 11/27/2020 / 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Faculty members of Communication join speech laboratory training

Faculty members of the Department of Communication and Humanities joined the Speech Laboratory Training on November 26-27, 2020 at the new Speech Laboratory in the CAS New Building, Caraga State University, sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in cooperation with the Aspen Multi-System Language Laboratory.

Representatives from the Aspen Multi-System Corporation oriented the participating DCH faculty members on the system operating procedures of the speech laboratory facility. The training aims to equip faculty members of Communication Division relevant technical competencies in delivering instruction of the English Enhancement Program Module 2: English for Speech Communication, one of the three institutionalized General Education Courses of the University delivered by the department.

Learning the potential contribution of the speech laboratory facility to improving instruction, reviewing curriculum, and facilitating student support and development, the participating faculty members discussed and brainstormed on the possible initiatives to be taken after learning the technicalities of the facility. One of these initial plans, as agreed, is to embed the learning speech materials of the facility to the existing EEP2 instructional materials developed by the department.

‘Another gathering for revisiting EEP2 curriculum will be scheduled in January for another discussion and deliberation as to the procedures and processes on how the speech laboratory can become contributory to the department’s strategic plan to equipping students with 21st century competencies focused on assessing Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity as particular indicators,’ said Gomer Jay S. Legaspi, the Speech Laboratory Coordinator and EEP2 Focal Person.  #CHaSS #PIWO